Exciting times ahead for Australia’s leading custom home building franchisor! 

As CEO and Managing Director of 新2皇冠入口官方app下载, I am delighted to announce that I have moved to 100% ownership of 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia with my family company completing the buyout of the New Zealand based majority shareholders in July 2021.

As part of the buyout, the Beissel family acquired the worldwide rights for the 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 IP.

With over 45 years in the building industry and 25 years involvement as a leading player in the building franchise sector, I am very excited about growing the 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 franchise into the leading building franchisor in Australia.

Already a strong franchise on the eastern seaboard particularly since I accepted the CEO role in 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia in 2011, 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 will be looking to expand its franchise numbers of quality builders across Australia. At 新2皇冠入口官方app下载, we specialize in building quality luxury homes with our franchisees accessing a structure of world class business and marketing systems enabling our franchisees to grow sustainable businesses – great opportunities for builders looking to take their existing business to a higher level with a network of like-minded colleagues supported by world class systems.

Many have already become 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 franchisees resulting in testimonials like this one featuring our Tamworth franchisee.

新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Tamworth Testimonial – Stuart Watts

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of becoming a 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 franchisee with builders keen to take their business to a new level – kenbeissel@davidreidhomes.com.au

I am proud to mark the occasion and celebrate this milestone of 新2皇冠入口官方app下载’ becoming 100% Australian owned!

If you are looking to build, contact us here.

If you are looking to join our team and become a franchise, contact us here.

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