Although each David Reid Home is unique, some of our clients choose to draw their inspiration for their dream home from our existing concept designs. Our suite of concept designs have been exclusively created and selected so you can see how design, aesthetics, materials and technology can make a difference in your new home. 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 is able to adapt our concepts to meet your vision and create a personalised luxury home especially for you. Just contact your nearest office.

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新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay

Welcome to 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay

新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay Display Home

So what sets 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay apart?

新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay is a local, family operated business featuring award winning Fraser Coast luxury home builder, Tony Stallard.
新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay luxury home builder, Tony Stallard
新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay luxury home builder, Tony Stallard
新2皇冠入口官方app下载 are your local residential building industry with over twenty years’ experience in providing luxury home designs and builds for the Fraser Coast. Specialising in unique designs, tailored for your family living experience, Tony Stallard, your 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay luxury home builder, attends to every aspect. The challenge of building your luxury home is made easy for you because 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay covers your build from budgeting through design, selection, personalisation, finance, planning and construction. Tony Stallard comments:
“I like to look after our customers to ensure they get the best in terms of value, quality inclusions and a great build – all backed by the power and reputation of national building company, 新2皇冠入口官方app下载. All of our plans can be adapted – bigger, smaller – it’s all about you getting the home you want. With our great team of  local professional tradies and top quality suppliers we also have the in house expertise to turn your dream luxury home into reality”
Well it’s all about of Raising the Standard . 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay is a luxury home builder, continuously looking at ways to improve the quality of service and construction offered to home buyers on the Fraser Coast. Using only the best of designs, techniques, subcontractors and materials is one part of the process of “Raising the Standard”. Luxury Home Builders 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay Another important aspect of Raising the Standard is understanding clearly what the needs of the home buyer are. Understanding the needs of the home buyer incorporates several essential factors:
  • Clear communication
  • Consideration of the various family needs, expectations and wants
  • Reviewing alternatives with the home buyer. This is where 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay can assist by having access to over a thousand sets of plans for all types of home construction. That doesn’t mean that the home buyer needs to choose from the plans that their custom home builder has on file. These are merely reference items and Tony encourages home buyers to incorporate the changes that best suit their particular needs
  • Picking up on many years of experience in building custom home designs for many different types and blends of families and individuals means that Tony will ask questions to get the design that you need
  • Understanding your budget. The team at 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay will go through your building budget with you. In fact this is a task which Tony will be involved in personally because it is such a critical part of getting the most value for the home buyer’s investment

新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay Links for You

Here are some helpful links to help you consider your opportunities to work with 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Hervey Bay. Just click on each link to discover more: Please visit us on Facebook or Pinterest and see our regular updates.

Custom Home Builder Brisbane

Why Custom Home Builder Brisbane?

新2皇冠入口官方app下载 - Custom Home Builders Brisbane bring you so much more...
新2皇冠入口官方app下载 – Custom Home Builders Brisbane bring you so much more…
When we set to writing about custom home builders Brisbane, we considered the needs of folks building their second or third or even fourth homes. First home builders often aren’t looking for custom home builders in Brisbane or custom home builders in Australia for that matter. This is because people who build custom homes are often looking at investing at a higher level into their new home building project. That doesn’t mean that first home buyers can’t enjoy the benefits of a custom home design and build. Let’s break that down a bit to see how it fits:

So, What is a Custom Home?

According to Wikipedia, a custom home is defined as:

“…a one-of-a-kind house that is designed for a specific client and for a particular location. The custom home builder may use plans created by an architect or by a professional home designer. Custom homes afford consumers the opportunity to control layout, lot size, and accessibility. In most cases, custom home builders construct on land the home buyer already owns. Some developers sell fully serviced lots specifically for the construction of custom homes. This makes it easy to build a custom home since the lot is construction-ready and builders can focus purely on the design of the home.” Attribution to wiki

Wikipedia goes on to define Custom Home Builders:

“Custom home builders

  • Build unique houses. A custom home is a site-specific home built from a unique set of plans for the wishes of a specific client.
  • Some custom builders may offer design/build services.
  • Build single-family homes.
  • Are generally small-volume builders.
  • Tend to build high-end homes.”  Attribution to wiki
custom home builders Brisbane 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia
Custom home builders Brisbane 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 build unique homes for you. A place that your family loves to come home to

Custom Home Builder Brisbane for First Home Buyers

None of these points preclude an affordable first home from being a custom home. “A custom home is a site-specific home built from a unique set of plans for the wishes of a specific client” Within your budget, we can build a unique home that is custom designed and built for your needs, your view and location. So you don’t have to have a “cookie cutter” box because you are a first home buyer. Of course, there’s often the option to build a more modest but still custom designed and built home for you and allowing for extensions up and out at a later date as your circumstances allow.

Contact us Now

So why not follow these links to explore further? Just click on each link to discover more:
custom home builders brisbane 新2皇冠入口官方app下载
You don’t have to settle for a “cookie cutter” design for your first home. Call your local custom home builders Brisbane on 1800 095 949

They’re On Again! Pie in the Sky! Part 2

新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Pie in the Sky 2011 Flashback!

The official Pie in the Sky, 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 All Stars video coverage from 2011. Here’s what they had to say! It’s become an annual pilgrimage from the city to the sticks. A treasure trove of Rugby League talent winging their way to the remote western Riverina town. Gotta hope that the Hay side don’t take it too serious. The likes of Meninga, Bradley Clarke, Matt Geyer and Simon Woolford. They’ve played on the biggest stages and they’ve given back to the game at the grassroots. A club that was struggling a decade ago is now thriving with a full complement of boys’ and girls’ junior teams and for the first time a top division senior team. it’s like getting the Australian test team to play a one dayer game of cricket! It’s a combination the five years hard work and I’m expecting big crowds. The unsung heroes are many of the Magpies. The all-stars warmed up if you can call it that. Their first and last pre-match training session. Bit worried about my team. Preparation hasn’t been great. Meet Rugby League immortal, Arty Beatson, official coach and motivator. Joking aside the great man was shocked at the fitness of some of his charges. I reckon it’s indecent with these blokes are so fit. Whatever happened to where you let yourself go like Mark Tookey? And it was Mark Tookey and Meninga who led out the galaxy of former stars But despite the big names the locals were off to a flyer, targeting an obvious weakness on Daley’s wing. That sparked a group of blokes not used to losing. Meninga was in the thick of it. Not bad for 50 odd. Kenny Nagas wound the clock back and Nagas continued to cement his Man of the Match honours. The Hay Magpies motto is, “Let’s dream big” and that dream is now a reality with 1500 fans coming from near and far to rub shoulders with some of Rugby League’s best ever. It’s good the city coming out to the bush, I’d say. We don’t get to see famous people like this very often. It’s like a field of dreams out there with all the legends. It’s great. It’s like Rugby games of old. It’s really really good It was a buzz for the All Stars; a lifetime high for the likes of Mitch Rosser who played with them. The greats showed glimpses but the match wasn’t without incident. Shane Millard suffered a dislocated elbow. Woolford went for it charging 80 metres, defying the defence and gravity. Raiders coach David Furner enjoyed the hit out; his first game in six years. He was one of the first to answer the SOS from a club in strife. In the end the visitors won 50 to 8 but the score didn’t matter. Great for everybody here and you know, happy to get a bit of money in the bush. Hay keeps on prospering from it and you know, good luck for them next year in the comp. The boys were feeling it at one stage. Nah, it’s good stuff. Great to see that the concept which started as a bit of a pie in the sky, you know, come to fruition and it’s a true story. That’s my last ever game of Rugby League. That’s it. I’m officially retired. I’m gone.

They’re On Again! Pie in the Sky! Part I

新2皇冠入口官方app下载 All Stars to Play Again!

Flash Back to 2011

新2皇冠入口官方app下载 All Stars looking back a few years. Let’s see what was in the headlines in 2011…

Hay Magpies – Proud to be representing the community – By Peter (Parra) Montgomery

“Canberra Raiders and Australian Kangaroos Assistant coach David Furner sent … a copy of his training routine Have a look…” “Mate, I am full pre season training now getting ready for the game!”

Just a quick schedule of my week training program.

Monday- Jerrabomberra Tavern – Weights – arm curls x 10 Schooners (375ml) Tuesday-Tourist Hotel -Lower leg – Squats- power raisers -(stand up on stool with hand up high for the attention of bar man for another drink). Wednesday- Royal Hotel; Cardio – Boxing – arrive just after happy hour- and walk in with a pink shirt on then start singing Boy George songs- “Do You really want to hurt me”!! Then Raise your Fist and its on!!!!!!!! Thursday- Light day- Weights Repeat Monday then a quick swim across Queanbeyan river and wrestle with the water rats on the bank. Friday- Interval Training-Tourist Hotel 5 Schooners – Then Dash to Top Pub 5 Schooners- Then Back – Repeat x 5 Sat – Sun- Recovery Session- Civic Centre Food and Wine Day – Clubbing at Night- Finish at Moose Head – Monday morning 5 am- 2 hours Sleep Repeat Week! Cheers Furnsie.”

DAVID REID HOMES ALL STARS – A true great – Laurie Daley –  By Peter (Parra) Montgomery

david reid homes all stars Laurie Daley “When one of the All time greats of Rugby League puts his hands up to come out and promote the game of Rugby League, you know you have a very special occasion on your hands. Laurie Daley took about five minutes to agree to play in the David Reid All Stars game – and that was five minutes to check his diary to see if the date fitted into his busy schedule. AND what a busy schedule Lozza has on his plate. He is coach of the Indigenous team to take on the NRL Allstars team, coach of the Country Origin team, he is commentator with NRL on Fox, as well as being involved in the print media, penning columns for the Rugby League “Big League” Program….” So…. Watch this space as we bring on the 2018 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 All Stars “Pie in the Sky”

Why it’s Great to be 新2皇冠入口官方app下载’ Tamworth Builders

Kieron Rohrlach and Philip Poulsen

Kieron Rohrlach and Philip Poulsen’s 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Tamworth Region is one of the area’s leading residential building entities servicing new homes buyers in the Tamworth Region. Kieron has worked in and around the Tamworth area with some of the leading local subcontractors and builders on a wide range of construction while Philip moved to the Inverell area and worked for a leading commercial builder completing many commercial jobs including the ‘Roxy Theatre refurbishment’, the ‘Touriandi Lodge’ in Bingara and many other commercial jobs.

Joining Forces

From there Philip started his own company and  Kieron  joined him to work together on many jobs in the region establishing strong relationships with the areas’ best tradespeople helping 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Tamworth Region deliver the highest standard of finishes to every home. The company’s growth has been founded on delivering new home buyers a complete range of designs to suit every market. Whether you are building your first home or looking to build a luxurious single or two storey design, 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Tamworth Region can help you.

david reid homes display home tamworth The Power of National Backing

Kieron  and Philip have joined with other leading established builders all over Australia to be part of the 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 franchise team. They continue to offer the service, expertise and commitment of a local “known” builder but with the backing, systems, marketing support and buying power of a major national construction company. They were both raised on the land, their families have been friends for many years and they have always shared a strong interest in building from a very young age’.

Looking to Build?

If you are about to build a new home contact 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Tamworth Region today and experience the difference first-hand.


Not All banks are the Same!

home finance - David Walker Building your home can be one of life’s most satisfying experiences. Choosing a lender that specialises in new home finance will help ensure your building experience is an enjoyable one. 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 can offer new home finance through our specialist finance partner. We have a dedicated Finance team for every 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 custom home builder, who can help with your home buying needs. David Reid homes highly recommends speaking to David Walker, our construction loan specialist, regarding financing options for your new home. He can offer a full-service proposition and a holistic approach to all of your finance needs, including Home, Investment and Business Finance, Car Finance, Risk Insurance, Wealth Protection, Super & Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) lending.  

Don’t Risk all Your Eggs in One Basket

You know that your Bank can’t provide an alternative lender if your loan doesn’t fit their policies or income assessment matrix. That’s where, our finance consultant’s expertise stands out. You’re not “putting all your eggs in one basket” and being disappointed when the basket drops if your banker knocks you back. Our team provides lender choice, with access to over thirty lenders Lenders change policies all the time. Our finance team stays on top of those developments and more.  

home finance - cash Home Finance Including First Home Owners’ Grants

Our team is here to work for you, our customer, not the lender. David Walker is able to arrange everything for your new home finance, including First Home Owners Grant and/or Deposit funds to be released early on Build Contracts (subject to conditions), so your custom home builder can get on and get your plans approved and construction started. David Walker is fully qualified and licensed to handle all of your financial requirements. He holds a Diploma of Financial Services – Mortgage Broking Management, Certificate IV in Financial Services, a Diploma of Management and is an Accredited Finance Broker, registered with the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia). David is a Credit Licensee holder of Australian Credit Licence No. 385683. He is also a member of Australian Finance Group Ltd (AFG) and RFS Finance Pty Ltd, holder of Australian Credit Licence No. 388022.
Ask your 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Consultant for a referral to our 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Finance Partner.

New Home Builders’ Checklist with 新2皇冠入口官方app下载

New Home Builders' Checklist
Click to Download your copy

Why a New Home Builders’ Checklist?

Your dream home will be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, and choosing the right new home builders will mean it’s an exciting and rewarding experience. On the surface it may be hard to differentiate one builder from the next. Using our New Home Builders’ Check List will make it easy to gather information and compare offerings from builders in your area, and help you make the right choice the first time. Ask your 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Consultant for the full comprehensive checklist to ensure the specifications of your home are everything you want.  

Here’s what you should cover:

  1. Is the builder supported by a quality national brand that has been around for over 10 years?
  2. Are your new home builders among Australia’s most awarded group?
  3. Is your builder a local builder with local knowledge?
  4. Will the builder offer a complimentary building site visit during the planning of your home?
  5. Is the builder a Housing Industry Australia member or Master Builder Association member?
  6. Do your new home builders use market-leading Australian based manufacturers and suppliers?
  7. Does the builder use quality local subcontractors?
  8. Will the builder provide you with a fixed price contract, with any provisional sums sufficient for the quality you expect?
  9. Does the builder have a process to keep you fully informed through the building experience?
  10. Can your home builder help you from initial design to a complete turnkey solution?
  11. Does your builder allow you to make changes to standard plans?
  12. Will you be the main focus of your builder?
  outdoors custom home builders Brisbane S.E. - 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia Consider the difference these points make. Check out this testimonial from Sam & Carla Brewer:
We chose to build with 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 because of their competitive price and quality fixtures that were included. We were able to build a home to suit our young family and our love for entertaining. We were given more than enough choices so that our home could reflect our personality and differ from others. We found Ben to be very professional, approachable and knowledgeable when it came to our house plan and what inclusions would work for our home. We are definitely pleased with the finished product and would have no hesitation in recommending Ben or any other or in the future building another home with 新2皇冠入口官方app下载. Thank you

Click here for more testimonials

Building a House -Ten Step Building Process

building a house logo Ten Step Building a House Process

If you’re wondering what happens through each stage of the building a house process, here are the basic steps to completing your new home.

1          DISPLAY HOME

Come and visit us at one of our stunning display homes in your local area.


We visit your land with our Building Consultant to discuss and document your ideas, needs, house plans and budgets. We help you understand building a house.

building a house plans 3          CONCEPT AND DESIGN OF YOUR NEW HOME

Design and briefing meetings are held with the architectural designer. From these meetings your concept design and cost estimate is prepared, presented and amended it necessary.


On acceptance of the estimate, your house plans will be prepared. Your selections are documented in the addendum to specification and your working drawings are prepared, presented and finalised.


A Fixed Price Contract is prepared and presented to you for approval. Once you are satisfied, the contract documents, including the building contract, working drawings, addendum to specification and guarantee documentation are signed. We will prepare and lodge with Council the building consent application. We may also need to apply for resource consent for your build. building a house bedroom


Whilst your plans are in Council, you select the colours and finishes for your new home. Kitchen designers, landscape designers and colour consultants are available to assist you with your specific requirements.


Construction of your new home will commence soon after Council consented plans are received; at which stage a build start date is determined and an indicative time line presented. This is an essential part of building a houe. Progress payments will be required as per the contract. We will hold regular site meetings with you and take two weekly progress photos.


Once construction is completed, we will undertake final inspections and full quality control checks.

building a house ascot house plan facade 9          HANDOVER – COMPLETION

On completion, we will clean your home and arrange for the final council inspection. You will be invited to come and inspect your new home with the Construction Manager. Once the home meets your approval. A 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 representative will meet you at your home to present you with the keys along with an information pack about the house and product warranties.

10        MOVING IN

You can now move in and enjoy your new home. A David Reid representative will explain the maintenance period and the conditions of your guarantee. As part of the follow up service, we will ask you to complete a client satisfaction survey. We’re pretty social. Why not visit us on Facebook?  building a house Facebook link

Custom Home Builders Brisbane S.E. – 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia Franchisee of the Year 2016

Interview with Custom Home Builders Brisbane S.E.

We’re pleased to introduce our 2016 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Franchisee of the Year Award winners, Kelly and Brent Vincent, 新2皇冠入口官方app下载, custom home builders Brisbane South East, Queensland.   Kelly Vincent custom home builders Brisbane S.E. - 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia We interviewed Kelly to find out what makes their business so successful and popular with their clients:   Question. Kelly, the building industry is highly competitive and 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 stands out as a prestige brand. What was it that you think makes the difference with 新2皇冠入口官方app下载? Answer. Definitely the personalised service.  The customers are able to deal directly with a local franchise builder receiving personal service but they gain the benefit in terms of design, flexibility, quality and value of dealing with a national brand.     Question. As a specialist luxury home builder, experience counts. What stands out in your mind as to the most important thing you have learned about satisfying and exceeding your customers’ expectations? Answer. Once again it comes back to the personalised service.   Communication is also key. When dealing with us, customers are always impressed that they get to deal directly with Brent and myself as the owners.  So the person who sells and advises is the same person that builds your home. We have a philosophy that if it can be done we will find a way to make it work for the customer.   Question. columns custom home builders Brisbane S.E. - 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia You’ve built a commendable and enviable reputation in the Brisbane South East region as the 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 business. What is it about the 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 systems and resources that gives you an edge? Answer. Being able to provide the customer with well-known brand, top quality products from reputable suppliers.   Having great relationships with our suppliers also allows us to keep on top of any new and innovative products that keep our homes up to date with the latest trends in the market. So our customers have access to the cutting edge of design, style, materials and techniques.   Question. Is there a particular type of customer that you find your business suits more than any other? I mean, first home buyers, retirees, young families? Answer. We find that our affordable luxury homes really suit families.  Again, this is the advantage of a combination of national buying power and systems, coupled with having your own personal local builders.   Question. outdoors custom home builders Brisbane S.E. - 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 are unique in so many ways. People want to build homes to turn their dream into reality using your expertise. With so many unique design combinations tailored to people’s dreams, how do you guide your customers through the experience to make it all fit together in a successful project? Answer. The first step is finding out what spaces the customer actually needs.  We find that every family lives differently, so the key is getting to know our customers so we can see what works for them.   As Custom Home Builders Brisbane SE, we are always on hand for our customers to assist with selections and make recommendations of things we have seen work really well and also not so well. Customers gain from experience of many years in the construction industry   Question. What is the most important advice that you would give to someone considering building their luxury dream home? Answer. Communicate with you builder.  Make sure that you have a connection with your builder and keep the lines of communication open throughout the project.  Enjoy the experience.  It is such an exciting time in your life and in the end, you want to be living in this house for many years to come with memories that are all good.  

Give us a call on 1800 095 949 or CLICK HERE to contact us

or CLICK HERE to Visit us on Facebook 


Custom Home Builders South Coast – 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia Franchisee of the Year 2015

Flash Back to the 2015 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Franchisee of the Year Winners

Owners of a 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 facade custom home builders south coast - 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia custom home builders south coast NSW, David and Jo Reid were the winners of the 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Franchisee of the Year award for 2015.

About David

The Reid Family has been an integral part of the building industry in Shoalhaven and its surrounding areas since 1958. With the retirement of his father, Dave and his wife Jo took over the family business in 1996, with the motto of ‘We don’t just build homes, We build your dreams’. They have both lived in Shoalhaven their whole lives and are raising their 3 children, Dale, Cherelle, and Luke in the area. When not building quality homes, Dave enjoys spending time with his family and friends, fishing, and going to the beach. Dave also has a hobby of playing around with, modifying, and building old cars. In every aspect of his life Dave gives 100%, he is positive, focused, and enjoys life to the fullest. In joining forces with 新2皇冠入口官方app下载, Dave is filling a void he has recognised for a long time in the local building market, for unique, architecturally designed and quality built luxury homes. Landscaping Custom Home Builders South Coast - 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia Dave’s reputation as a builder with extremely high standards is evident in his clients returning again and again and with clients from as far as Sydney and beyond seeking out his services. In choosing Dave to build your new home, you can rest assured that you are in the best of hands. Dave is very hands-on, and you will be dealing with him from the first moment until the job is complete. He takes his reputation very seriously and will ensure you are completely satisfied with all aspects of your new home. Dave prides himself on being flexible and approachable. Communication is a high priority with Dave and he will be in regular contact and ensuring you are kept up to date and informed. Being the premier custom home builders south coast NSW is an important responsibility for David and his team. alfresco Custom Home Builders South Coast - 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia Dave’s commitment to quality workmanship is reflected in him being awarded the following awards at the Master Builders Association Excellence in Regional Building Awards. The awards recognise the design excellence, attention to detail, and exceptional quality that Dave builds into every home.

Awards already to their credit include:

  • Winner – Best Renovation and Addition $300,001 – $500,000 2011 Master Builders Association – Excellence in Regional Building Awards.
  • Winner – Best Renovation and Addition $200,001 – $300,000 2011 Master Builders Association – Excellence in Regional Building Awards.
  • Merit – Best Use of Timber 2011 Master Builders Association – Excellence in Regional Building Awards

Congratulations to David and Jo Reid, winners of the 2015 新2皇冠入口官方app下载 Australasia Franchisee of the Year Award.

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